New girl in town.

Friday, October 10, 2014

There's always gonna be days where you just don't feel like getting ready. But that doesn't mean you really have to reach for the sweats right away, and definitely not the leggings or yoga pants. PLEASE refrain from those damn yoga pants. Ugh. Here's my simple solution for all you lazy bones. Black on black on black. Even when you don't feel like you're ready to get ready. Black is simple, stylish, and you look a bit more polished.
If you're looking for a complete head to toe simple outfit, grab a Monroe & Harlow turban. There's always days where you know you need to wash your hair, but let's be real. It's too long of a process to deal with when you have places to be. These turbans are not only the cutest things ever, but you instantly add a little something to your outfit all while helping hide your bed head. (Although I always say embrace messy hair) I have quite a few of their turbans but the one I chose today is their "New Girl in Town" turban, which is quite fitting since I'm kinda the new girl in this crazy blogging world.
Outfit Details //
Denim: Forever 21
Ankle Boots: American Eagle
Bracelets: Flea market finds

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