Saturday, January 31, 2015

Snow, snow, snow. You know what makes it a little more easy to bear? $12 denim. I got these burgundy jeans for $12 last week. Totally couldn't pass them up. I mean, they're basically a neural. When I was in high school, my best friend would always show up to school in the same outfit as me. I mean, girls got good taste. It got to the point where I had to text her in the morning not to wear "that yellow top" or "those purple sandals." Well 8 years later, and what do yah know.. We grab lunch the other day and she shows up wearing the same pants I had just bought. Girls got good taste. (Hi Kasey!) Also paired turquoise accents with the burgundy. Just thought they contrasted so well that it looked too right not to wear them. Thanks for reading & stay tuned for my first giveaway coming soon (ahhhhh!)
Outfit Details //
Fringe Cardigan: Tobi (see similar)
Burgundy Denim: American Eagle
Boots: Gift from Grandma, thrifted Nine West
Necklace & Ring: Forever 21

YouTube babe: Rylee Jade

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

While studying at Bay State College for fashion design, I met so many different kinds of people and one of those people was Rylee Jade. Believe me when I say she's one of the most creative people I met while I was there. Sketches and designs that would blow your mind. It's always fun to see what people are doing after they leave school. For Rylee, she put her time & effort into starting her own YouTube channel, and I must say, I watch them ALL. I don't usually have a hard time finding what to wear, but I most certainly never know what to do with my hair and especially not my makeup. That's where she comes in.

You can find Rylee on her YouTube channel / Facebook / Lookbook


This past Sunday I had the chance to assist my friend Steph Larsen in styling a  boudoir shoot with model Jennie Ross. It was something she had been talking about for a while and I'm so happy to have been able to been a part of the shoot. They spent the night before brainstorming and had ideas ready to start bright and early. We started by 7am to get the most beautiful warm lighting. I helped with not only styling some looks (it was all three of our styles working together) but just assistance in general. Such an awesome shoot. Amazing photographer, gorgeous model, positive vibes all morning. Here are some of my favorite shots. So many perfect ones to pick from.

Sheer Plaid

Friday, January 23, 2015

A new take on flannel. I got this sheer plaid top from Target a few years back but didn't bring it back from the depths of my closet until just recently. Minus the vest, this is a go-to outfit I usually throw on when I have no idea, am short on time, and want to at least look kinda decent that day. Just got kinda sick of the usual look, and pulled this fringe vest to layer on top. And viola! Perfection.
Outfit Details //

Tank: Target
Sheer Flannel: Target (similar)
Crochet Vest: Love Culture
Necklace: Gift from Mom
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Old Navy
Photos: Nick Schietromo

FP Beach

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Every girls got a few pieces in their closet they wish they could bring out during the colder seasons but you know it's totally unacceptable. Are you with me? Well. Think again friends. Here's a little tip on how to wear a beach cover-up in 30 degree weather. This is a FP Beach piece that I bought to just throw on over my bikini this past summer but it's seriously too cute to store away for 6 months. Throw it on over some jeans and call it a tunic instead. I chose to go with some lighter wash jeans that I got the other day from American Eagle. They aren't completely white, a tiny tint of pink and little eyelets on the patches, which I feel makes breaking the Labor Day rule a little easier.
Outfit Details //

Scarf: H&M
Top: Free People (beach cover-up, see similar)
Boots: Free People
Necklace: SoWa Market
Photos: Nick Schietromo


Friday, January 16, 2015

Guys, check out this backpack. It's probably the most gorgeous thing I have ever bought myself. I've had my eye on it for quite some time. While I was in school for fashion, I had Gina DeWolfe as a teacher and this is one of her designs. She makes all her items by hand and each of them are absolutely amazing. You can find these little beauties at December Thieves in Boston's South End. Not too far from Flock! They come in black, white, and brown and if they are out of one, just talk to store owner Lana and she'll hook you up. She's seriously the sweetest.
(Disclaimer: I'm aware of the fact that it was WAY to cold for this outfit alone and did in fact wear a coat). As for the outfit, kimonos are still trending and since it's not Spring/Summer, I wore a nude lace kimono that's dainty and feminine instead of bright and colorful and paired it with baggy boyfriend jeans. I've said it before but I love contradicting outfits. Gotta spice things up. Girly's fun but I don't want to get too over the top so I pair it with something unexpected. Forever a tom-boy at heart. The kimono is a great year-round layering piece. Pair it with long sleeves, tanks, shorts, jeans, dresses. Anything! 

Outfit Details //

Basic Tee: Forever 21
Boyfriend Jeans: American Eagle (see similar)
Backpack: DeWolfe (from December Thieves)
Ankle Boots: American Eagle
Earrings: Nordstrom
Bracelets: Old Navy

Black Cherry

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I've found a new color combo. Blush + burgundy. The colors are quite feminine when worn separately but when you wear them together, they almost off-set one another which I totally wouldn't expect. The blush is super light & airy while the burgundy is a little more edgy. Such a solid mix! I kept accessaries fairly simple and focused my little extra bit of the look on my dark lip. This Revlon lip color is SO dark red that it's almost black when you add a few layers of it. Just adds a bit more punk to a pretty in pink kinda look. Also, I got my hair done finally (!!!) Thanks Aunt Moe for working your hair stylin' magic on me. No more broke girl ombre. 
Outfit Details //
Blush Leather Jacket: Forever 21
Top (actually a dress, just tucked in): H&M
Loafers: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21
Lip Color: Black Cherry by Revlon (Target)


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Since today was an unexpected day off, I played with some flat-lay styling at my apartment. Luckily for me, Nick has a seamless since he's Mr. Photographer. I gathered a few new items from Christmas and from recent shopping excursions and just had some fun experimenting. One more girly, another more boho, and another more masculine look. It's absolutely freezing here in MA so there was no way in hell I was venturing outside for an outfit shot. It was fun to play around with different themes, textures, whatever. Included books, vinyl, clothing, whatever I thought may go well. Hope you all stayed bundled and away from the cold today! And a extra big thanks to my man for dealing with my crazy fashion demands. We make a good pair XO


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Today's outfit post brought to you by a very cold girl with a serious addiction to leather jackets. It's about 16 degrees here in MA today. And I don't care what anyone says.. I can wear a leather jacket if I want to. Granted I did have to wear a gigantic peacock over it. I absolutely fell in love with the color of the jacket last week. I knew the moment I saw it that I wouldn't be leaving Forever 21 without it. The details are what make the jacket so great: gunmetal metal accents, zippered sleeves, rivets on the elbows and shoulders. I don't own a lot of green but often find myself wishing I had more of it in my closet. This green could be considered a neutral in the same way that pale pink could be. The moment I saw my mom today, she told me of a very similar jacket she use to own when she was about my age which I found pretty ironic! (Except at the time, leather jackets were cooler when the went below the knee. Not to much now) Regardless.. Great minds certainly think a lot. 

Outfit Details //
Faux Leather Jacket: Forever 21
T-Shirt: Kohl's
Necklace: Baublebar
Bag: Target
Jeans: Forever 21
Loafers: Old Navy

Deck the Halls!

Monday, January 5, 2015

I've mentioned Flock Boston quite a few times before on the blog. It's where I spend most of my time, and that's not a bad thing. I'm constantly learning something new while working there. About a month ago, I even had the opportunity to spend one on one time with boutique owner & stylist Dani. She taught me some tricks of the trade. It was fun and definitely a step away from styling clothing and instead we were styling gift items into a layout that works. It's interesting to see that this is considered "styling." Just in a different way. Still fun none-the-less. I have always had fun doing something similar on my own, whether it was on my plain white duvet or even on a nice hard wood floor. Anything for that "perfect" shot. I love this kind of stuff. There's still a lot to learn and I'm eager to learn as much as I possibly can. We did gift guides for the Flock Boston website for various price ranges, which was a challenge since only certain items could be used, certain items didn't look right together, others may not photograph well. Blah blah blah. I'm happy with how they came out and grateful for the great learning opportunity! XO

Current mood board.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Photos pulled from Pinterest and Tumblr


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Taking a step back from my typical outfit post and looking back at what a wonderful year it's been. Did you know my blog turns ONE tomorrow?! It's funny because I started this blog one year ago tomorrow, kind of as a resolution. I had attempted blogging more than once before and this was the first "resolution" I guess, for lack of better words, that I actually stuck with. There were a few times where I slacked here or there. But I'm still here. And if you're actually taking the time to read this, thank you very much. (Even if it's just my parents. Hey Mom & Dad! #1 fans) For a lot of people, I'm sure 2014 was just another mediocre year. But I was lucky enough to have had some monumental moments in my life in the past 365 days.
I graduated college and was one of the first in my family to do so. And I'm more than proud to boast about it. Met amazing people, and even more amazing mentors. I moved out of my childhood home & into my first apartment with my boyfriend of 7 years (technically this month, it will be 8 years. SO crazy. And I still can't stop kissin' his face). My mom and best friend in the whole world turned 40! 40's the new 30 and she is still more of a babe than anyone, ever. And of course, my most favorite thing about 2014, Jack. I am so incredibly lucky to have a little brother, finally. Never thought I'd see the day. He's more than perfect, red hair & all. Bet you've never heard of a 6 month old with 6 teeth! Feeling more than ready to see what adventures this next year will bring. Even if the #OOTD's aren't what Back To The Future had in mind. Maybe that's for the better. // XO

Here are a few photos Nick took before Mom's birthday lunch. Pretty bummed my other sister Kaylie wasn't here for this but we'll have plenty of opportunities for this new year we've got ahead of us.