Thursday, January 1, 2015

Taking a step back from my typical outfit post and looking back at what a wonderful year it's been. Did you know my blog turns ONE tomorrow?! It's funny because I started this blog one year ago tomorrow, kind of as a resolution. I had attempted blogging more than once before and this was the first "resolution" I guess, for lack of better words, that I actually stuck with. There were a few times where I slacked here or there. But I'm still here. And if you're actually taking the time to read this, thank you very much. (Even if it's just my parents. Hey Mom & Dad! #1 fans) For a lot of people, I'm sure 2014 was just another mediocre year. But I was lucky enough to have had some monumental moments in my life in the past 365 days.
I graduated college and was one of the first in my family to do so. And I'm more than proud to boast about it. Met amazing people, and even more amazing mentors. I moved out of my childhood home & into my first apartment with my boyfriend of 7 years (technically this month, it will be 8 years. SO crazy. And I still can't stop kissin' his face). My mom and best friend in the whole world turned 40! 40's the new 30 and she is still more of a babe than anyone, ever. And of course, my most favorite thing about 2014, Jack. I am so incredibly lucky to have a little brother, finally. Never thought I'd see the day. He's more than perfect, red hair & all. Bet you've never heard of a 6 month old with 6 teeth! Feeling more than ready to see what adventures this next year will bring. Even if the #OOTD's aren't what Back To The Future had in mind. Maybe that's for the better. // XO

Here are a few photos Nick took before Mom's birthday lunch. Pretty bummed my other sister Kaylie wasn't here for this but we'll have plenty of opportunities for this new year we've got ahead of us.

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