The OC forever

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The thirteen year old girl in me still dreams of the day that The OC comes back for a 5th season. And dreams of the day Seth Cohen falls in love with me. I know both are totally unrealistic at this point but the least they could do is put the damn series on Netflix, yah hear me ladies?! (Til' then, DVD's will do.) Like the t-shirt junky that I am, I found this shirt on Nylon's site (made by Yatt Clothing) and knew I needed it to add to my collection. I mean, Seth Cohen really was my first love so why not have a t-shirt to show my devotion.
My everyday look is very similar to this. Graphic tee with a chunky piece of jewelry. I love the contradiction. T-shirts are so easy, it's just really fun to throw a big necklace on to off-set the casual vibe. I even added this Olive & Oak cardigan to add just a little more to the look. I grabbed this at Flock because I was just SO cold! It just happened to match my outfit perfectly. Leopard usually only catches my attention if it's a bit more subtle but the size of the print with the unexpected red is just perfect.
And for just a little fun, here's a quick look into the chaos at our apartment when I ask Nick to give me a hand with an outfit look. This time we found ourselves in the bathroom, since it's where you'll find one of the only empty walls in our place. Jasper just couldn't miss out on a photo-op either.

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