Gypsy Warrior.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hell bound. For sure. Sorry Mom!
I've been following Gypsy Warrior on Instagram for what feels like forever now. My best friend Tori is constantly sporting their apparel and same goes for my sister. Then for Christmas, Tori got me some jewelry from there and I seriously felt compelled to buy more. (Oh, ps - it was started by two BFF's. Even cooler. I love that.) A gypsy warrior definitely hides somewhere inside of me and lately, she wants to come out. I've been on the prowl for any little thing to spark creativity and yearning for any sense of feeling free. And when I find those little things, I thrive. And when I don't, I get into weird funks. Sick of feeling stuck at times, so here's to doing whatever it takes to be on my A game. All the girls that represent their brand are bad ass bitches and I love it.
Here's to being a Gypsy Warrior. XO
Outfit Details //

Sweatshirt: Gypsy Warrior
Camo Jeans: American Eagle (see similar)
Sneakers: Nike
Backpack: Gina DeWolfe from December Thieves
Sunglasses: American Eagle (see similar)

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