Sole mate.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Have you ever loved something so much it hurts? These boots are poor victims of my love. They are soul mates for my feet. A sole mate, if you will. I have literally worn them through the ground. I haven't been able to wear them lately but pulled them up from the grave this morning because, well.. they were too perfect to pass up. Unfortunately this is probably the last time I will ever get to wear them. The soles on the heels are completely bare and falling apart & have made it kinda hard to walk in them because of it. I'm pretty sure I should just invest in a new pair but I can't find the exact ones and will not settle for anything less. They cost me a mere $30 and I got an amazing 4 years out of them. Sigh... If anyone finds some twins of these beauties, let me know! I will repay you in donuts & high-fives.
Outfit Details //
T-Shirt: Newbury Comics - gift from Nick
Jeans: Forever 21
Beanie: stole from Nick

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