Saturday, May 16, 2015

Minimalist. Something I don't usually go for but add a little twist of my own style into "minimalist" and this outfit is the outcome. A different take on the basic jeans & white tee. But also a different take on the whole joggers trend.  These pants were part of my airplane outfit for when I headed to Mexico so I knew immediately this morning when I wanted ultimate comfort, these were the basis of my needs. These pants are from Flock Boston and I bought them all the way back in January. (& there's still plenty left to grab for yourself! OH - and they're on sale!) I've been dyyyyying to resurrect them from the back of my closet for Spring and now is finally the time. Unlike your typical jeans, there's a small herringbone pattern in the chambray material that gives the illusion of a different texture and I am totally a texture girl. To give this outfit a little composure I grabbed some ankle boots instead of Birkenstocks. (Not that Birkenstocks wouldn't look seriously adorable. Because they would.) Thanks Free People for making some seriously amazing pants. I'm so in love.
Outfit Details //
Tank: Olivia Moon via TJ Maxx
Boots: Dolce Vita
Sunglasses: Joah Brown

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