Monday, May 4, 2015

There's something about this outfit that I just love. I'm not one to usually gravitate towards red but yesterday I went head to toe. It was the perfect Spring outfit for adventuring around the North End. Girly outfits are something I still have a hard time figuring out. I still feel a sense of awkwardness every time I wear some kind of heel instead of a leather boot. Slowly, I'm getting there. Feeling more comfortable with myself and my style. This is something that is a constant work in progress. It's one of the only things I actually really enjoy doing and I've gotten to the point where I like what I wear, take pride in what I wear and if someone else doesn't, then tell them to go away. Who cares anyways. They're probably the ones that have no idea how to dress themselves.
Outfit Details //
Dress + Shoes: American Eagle
Bracelets: Assorted, Nordstrom + Target
Backpack + Necklace: Old, Forever 21

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