Black + Yellow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This outfit isn't necessarily my favorite, and I even contemplated not posting it. But I guess others may even be able to benefit from my laziness. This was an outfit that I just threw on. Quite literally didn't know what to wear and grabbed this. I guess sometimes that's something other people might need to have an idea of, an grab and go outfit during crunch time. The easiest thing to wear is a black cotton dress. Dress it up/dress it down. This one is shapeless so I just slabbed a belt on for good measure. Literally any color belt goes with black so it all depends on personal style. I also was a culprit of seriously gnarly hair so - hats, hats, hats. As always, top it off with your leather jacket to toughen the edges.
Outfit Details //

Dress: American Eagle
Shoes: Jessica Simpson via DSW
Belt: Old Navy
Hat: Target
Bag: Artemis Design Co via Flock Boston

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