Pool daze.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

One of my favorite things about summer: my mom's pool deck. It's the place where family friends all gather to enjoy each other's company. It's always been this way, and hopefully always will. As far back as I can remember, most of my summer days & nights were spent here. Late night swims during sleepovers, a quick dip after long runs or soccer/lacrosse practice, rushing home from the beach to jump in & get the sand off, getting yelled at by mom to stop pushing off the sides of the pool, the category games with my cousins. It's exciting to see Jack being part of this group where there's so much love. And not to mention, he's natural fish in the water. First time ever in a pool and he was absolutely ecstatic. Sorry for the Jack overload, just couldn't pass up the opportunity to take pictures of him while he's still a tiny babe.

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