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Sunday, May 22, 2016

 Fast lived was the idea of reintroducing chokers back into our wardrobes. Chokers are out, and bandanas are taking over the fashion scene everywhere you look. I've worn a bandana in another recent post and I can't get enough. I've always had a strange fascination with them. Particularly in middle school when I wore them in my hair as headbands. This indigo dyed bandana was $5 from American Eagle and was such a steal. With the whole indigo trend that's in right now, I get to rock a bandana while keeping it a little more boho and a little less sporty - which is perfect for me.
Outfit Details //
Bandana: American Eagle
Sweater: Amuse Society, Prism Boutique
Cut-offs: American Eagle
Sandals: Santee Alley, LA
Bag: handmade, email me at britnieharlow1@gmail.com for custom orders

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