lace halter.

Monday, May 30, 2016

 95 degrees for Memorial Day weekend, so I had to break out  the smaller pieces of clothing in my closet. Halters, thin strapped dresses, shorts, you know the deal. I paired this mauve colored cropped halter with some olive green high waisted shorts. I don't particularly like to show my midriff, so covered that sucker up real quick. The halter had a tie in the back with a bow, revealing some skin on your back, which I found sweet in the front and sultry from the back. But more importantly, I was able to pull some sandals out of the woodwork. Lots of old sandals that I can olnly show some love 30% of the time. So nice to be able to throw some on the past few days intead of boots. Don't get me wrong, I love a good ankle boot just about every day, but since I can only wear closed toe shoes tow work, sometimes it's nice to switch things up. Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and got to finally toss on some real summer clothes finally. XO
Outfit Details //
Halter: American Eagle
Shorts: Old Navy
Sandals: Bed Stu
Cuff: Forever 21
Sunnies: Queen of Hearts RI

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