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Sunday, January 1, 2017

 Happy happy new year everyone! New year, new us right?... Maybe not entirely but new year new makeup regimen for sure. I'm here today bringing you some new products from Maybelline. If they aren't your new faves yet, that's just because you haven't tried them. 

Let's start with mascara. Here I'm, wearing the Colossal Big Shot Express. I'm going to say right out that I'm super super superrrr picky about mascara. I work a physically demanding job so typically most mascaras flake and leave a black powder under my eyes during the day while I wear them. There's literally nothing worse than leaving work with raccoon eyes. The Colossal Big Shot Express is AMAZING. Finally my naturally short lashes feel incredibly more voluminous. The applicator really separates each lash and coats them individually. I feel like a girl again! As for length, I'd say they feel twice as long as they have felt before with other products. Like I said, my lashes are typically rather short so this is so so important to me when looking for new mascaras. I could continue to rant but I'll spare you.

For those who have been following me a while now, you know my go-to beauty regimen is the cat eye. Liquid eyeliner is my saving grace. Another product I'm picky about. I literally could cry, take a shower, anything and the Master Precise Liquid Ink Pen doesn't budge. Not even a little. The tip of the pen is super slim making it easy to create those straight lines. Best part: no excess liquid dropping out and making things messy. No clumps. Just impeccably clean lines.

And last but certainly not least, the 24karat Nudes Palette. Perfect amount of subtle nude shades with hints of metallic for a night out. I started with the bronze. The marigold hue was calling my name and I played with it under my bottom lid. The color paired nicely with my brassy blonde highlights. I kept the top of my lids more natural blending a few different shadows together to create the very subtle  ombre. And just like the rest, it lasted. I wore this look all day, and into the evening and if I hadn't taken the makeup off myself, I bet you I could've woken up ready to go the next day. 

Get out there and grab some of these new products before the sell out, they launch this month! This post is sponsored by Maybelline. All opinions expressed are my own,

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