braintree day.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

 As you guys know I'm such a sucker for a food truck rodeo. So when I found out Lola Grace Events was hosting Braintree Day, I said count me in. Braintree Day has been going on for 44 years but this is the first time there's ever been food trucks incorporated into the event. That being said, there was so much more than just food trucks - good music, super family friendly games, dunk tanks, and raffles. Oh, and fireworks of course just in time for the 4th. Athena isn't one for fireworks so we took advantage of the gorgeous summer day and explored mostly the food festival with some friends. There was tons of trucks, a little something for everyone to find from the selection. There was no possible way you were leaving without a belly full to the brim. Some old trusted trucks that I love like Stuffed by Papi, Riceburg, and Aahhh-roma Pizza. There was also some new favorites that I hadn't tried before like Alden Park, Zinnekens Waffle Truck, Kona Ice, and Moyzilla. All delish of course. The group of us all grabbed various types of treats and reconvened for a small picnic and I will say it was incredibly successful. Sharing and trying all the different items was key to getting the full experience. Thanks Marissa & Lola Grace team for letting me join in on all the fun! Happy 4th everyone XO

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