5 Minute Makeovers

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I wouldn't say I necessarily like Valentine's Day but I love to love. I love being in love with my man, I love my amazing family, I love being in love with my Jasper. (No. He's not my cat, he's my Jasper.) I love to love. It just helps you enjoy life a little more. So I guess a day full of love is something worth celebrating. Lots of people are probably loving the fact that Valentine's Day is on a Saturday this year. A big night off for most people but for something others, like myself, that's still a work day. And believe it or not, you can spruce yourself up in literally 5 minutes to be date night ready. So there's no reason at all to panic. I'm here to show you a trick. Pop a fun color lip on and a pair of earrings and you will be transformed. Seriously. All I'm wearing is a plain white thermal and jeans but all the looks are different. An amazing outfit definitely isn't detrimental for a good date night. You can always opt for something simple like this to save time after a busy day. And not to mention, each hair-do took me 5 minutes. No curling or anything involved. How easy is that! Choose between fuchsia, pale pink, orange, or burgundy and transform from girly, flirty, bold, or elegant. Hope I helped some of you who were concerned about a time crunch on Saturday.

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