Valentine's Day 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Do you guys ever need help finding a date night outfit? Yah. Been there. I think I go through every article of clothing in my closet before I finally say those famous, familiar words. I have nothing to wear. Not only do I have nothing to wear but now my closet space is a total disaster and by now I'm absolutely feeling hopeless at finding anything at all to suffice. Before you slip into this same pattern that we've all fallen into before, read this post. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I'm here for all you ladies who are crying SOS. Since it's blizzarding outside here in Boston, I'm boycotting putting any outfits on and standing in the snow. I've laid out a few different types of outfits since there's many different types of girls. Girly, rocker, or boho babes. Listen up, these outfits are for you.
 Go for a chic rocker look: (Jasper's favorite pick.) Leather Jacket // Striped Crop Top // Wedges // Tulle Tutu
Go for a feminine lace look: Blazer // Shorts // Lace Crop Top // Heels 
Go for a laid back bohemian look: Kimono // Ankle Boots // Lace Skirt // Band Tee

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