Penny Lane.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Working on the visual team at Nordstrom, I meet/work with a lot of stylish people. The kind of stylish that is pretty much just embedded in your blood. Even if we're the girls who are simply rockin' jeans and a basic tee to work, we know how to dress once work hours are over. One of the girls whom I work with runs her own online boutique called Style Revolver. This amazing fuzzy jacket is from her shop and I have been wearing it on repeat since the moment she handed to me. (Best part is she calls is the Penny jacket, as in Penny Lane. So naturally I feel the need to channel my inner Kate Hudson circa Almost Famous while sporting this piece.) I love the light beige color as well, simply because knowing myself, I would completely ruin a white or cream coat. Be sure to visit Ashley's online boutique, maybe you'll even find some great gifts to give those stylish ladies in your life. XO

Outfit Details //
Fuzzy Jacket: Stye Revolver
Denim: American Eagle
Blouse: Old Navy

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