Union Point Food Truck Rodeo

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hey friends! As some local followers may know, this past Friday was the Union Point Food Truck Rodeo. Union Point in Weymouth is the newly re-developed Southfield, and there's a lot of new things happening that is worth checking out. Farmer's Markets (where you'll also catch me selling some leather goods the next few weeks), outdoor movie viewings, and now this! This food truck rodeo isn't the first one they've had, but it was my first time attending (organized by Lola Grace Events). There was live music, games such as can-jam, and soooo much fooooood. For the record, I was totally underprepared. Things you'll need: chairs, picnic blankets, and an empty stomach. I forgot my blanket to picnic on but the weather was surprisingly gorgeous despite the thunderstorm warnings. The food trucks were all different so it gave me the chance to try typical foods I normally wouldn't try. Ice cream trucks, bacon trucks, seafood, brazilian, vietnamese! But the sopappillas  at Papi's Stuffed Sopappallas was my favorite! Other faves: Moyzilla, Trolley Dogs, Sate Vietnamese, and The Sausage Guy. For those who missed out, there's another coming up on September 9th. Maybe we'll run into each other in between recovering from food comas.

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