Union Point Food Truck Rodeo 9/9

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hey gang! Long time no chat. Just one of those months, ya know? Reasons being MIA: I've been working a lot, crafting a lot, and we got a puppy. Which is time consuming but amazing. Her name's Athena! We adopted her from Puerto Rico but I'll catch you up more on that later. Anyways, as you saw last on my blog, I made a night out of Union Point's Food Truck Rodeo in Weymouth, MA. Well they had another one this past Friday so I made sure to head on over again. Some of the old favorite trucks (The Bacon Truck, The Sausage Guy) and there were some new ones too! Compliments made the most amazing fried cauliflower you've ever tasted - and was even gluten free for those who has intolerances! Another new fave is Roxy's Grilled Cheese. Everything from original to grilled cheese with guac, muenster cheese, and bacon! ... Currently drooling. Not only was there tons of food and live music like last time, but they even started incorporating fashion trucks this time around! (Next month, I'll even be there selling some of my handmade leather goods.) I've been participating in Union Point's Farm & Fashion Markets most Sundays for the past month or so selling my handmade items with my friend Ashley from Style Revolver. The next Food Truck Rodeo is on a Saturday, October 8th from 10-4. You'll have to come visit me at my tent and don't forget to drop me off a Sopapilla from Papi's. XO

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